Alessandra Mastronardi is a Italian actress, born in Naples on February 18, 1986. She started working very young in big commercials and debuted as an actress in 1997 with the Tv Serie “Un Prete tra noi”. For the next two years, she was in the cast of many important tv projects, such as “il grande Torino” directed by Claudio Bonivento.
In 2003 she’s in the movie “La Bestia nel cuore” directed by Cristina Comencini. In 2006 “I cesaroni” one of the most famous Italian tv serie of the last 10 years, will give her success and big popularity. She will be the leading role till 2011, and in 2012 she decided to quit, in order to accept other projects.

In 2007, she does her first play, on stage with the comedy “the prozac family” directed by Marco Costa. In 2008, she is one of the leading women roles of “Romanzo Criminale” directed by Stefano Sollima, a total different role for her, this serie produced by Sky is one of the most famous Italian one, based on a novel and made of the movie.

2009 is for Alessandra an important year. She returns on the big screen, with the movie “Prova a Volare” directed by Lorenzo Ciccone Massi, in witch she is starring with Riccardo Scamarcio. She studies dance to accept the leading role of “non smettere di sognare” a tv movie where she is a dancer, and she is the starring of an American coproduction, “Sotto il cielo di Roma” directed by Christian Duguay a two episode tv movie, shot in English with James Cromwell. In 2010, she is in the second serie of “Romanzo Criminale”, in the movie “Ameriqua” directed by Marco Bellone e Giovanni Consonni, starring with Bob Kennedy Jr, and leads another period tv movie for raiuno. “Micol e le sue sorelle” directed by Riccardo Donna, who’s another big success. 2011, is an important year that will give a twist to her career, starting with another big tv project, the English coproduction, “Titanic” directed by the
Irish director Ciaran Donelly. Right after she is also on the tv with the movie “La Certosa di Parma” directed by Cinzia Th Torrini. And the same year Woody Allen chooses her for his film “To Rome with Love”. This movie will open Alessandra the doors for an international career.

Since 2011, Alessandra leaves between the United States and Rome. In 2012 She is Juliet for the tv movie Rome & Juliet directed by Enrico Oldoini, another coproduction where she acts in English.

The same year the movie “L’ultima ruota del carro” directed by Giovanni Veronesi, in witch she’s starring with Elio Gemrano, opens the Festival internazionale del film di Roma. Beginning of 2013 she is in the cast of the comedy “Amici come noi”.

In 2014 she’s choosed for the movie “Life” directed by Anton Corbijn, with Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan In November 2014 she will be on the big screen and at the Torino Film Festival, starring the comedy “Ogni Maledetto Natale, directed by G. Ciarrapico, M. Torre, L. Verduscolo and she will star by the end of this year the foreign movie The Tourist directed by Evan Oppenheimer. In 2015/2016 she is the leading role of the important projects. The tv movie Studio 1 for raiuno and the tv serie L’allieva, both launched in autumn 2016.
Alessandra Mastronardi